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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers peer-led group sessions and Q&A's for students enrolled in historically difficult courses during fall and spring semesters. Faculty-recommended students (SI Leaders) facilitate engaging and interactive review sessions using a variety of collaborative learning strategies. SI sessions are held in the Learning Commons collaboration rooms or in classrooms; Q&A's are held in the Learning Commons Main Area.

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SI currently supports the following courses for the fall semester. Please check back in September for the fall 2020 schedule.


Each SI Leader holds three weekly sessions. SI Leaders usually offer extended or additional exam review sessions. Sessions occur in the Learning Commons Collaboration Rooms (LC#010 or LC#024) or in classrooms.


Each SI Leader holds one weekly Q&A. SI Leaders are available during this hour for drop-in questions. Q&As occur in the Learning Commons Main Area.  SI Leaders will display an orange sign at the table.


What will I be asked to do at SI?

You will be encouraged to participate! Students learn better when they actively engage with the material by talking and doing instead of just passively listening.

Can I attend any sessions/Q&As?

Absolutely! Just be aware that each SI Leader will be on pace with his or her assigned section and could be slightly off-pace with your section.

How should I prepare for SI?

Just show up! If you have time to review your notes beforehand, that’s a bonus, but otherwise just come ready to learn!

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