Carroll University Honors Program

The Honors Program at Carroll University encourages motivated and talented students to pursue a breadth and depth of knowledge within an enriched curriculum. The program creates an environment designed to challenge students' perspectives and foster intellectual development.

This interdisciplinary program offers intensive sections of courses distributed over the arts and sciences, and provides an opportunity for students to develop their intellectual skills more intensively. The honors program also provides special cultural and social activities on and off campus.

Upon completion of typical Carroll University admission, all freshman applicants are considered for the honors program. Following a comprehensive review, the Carroll Student Scholars Committee invites selected candidates to apply to the program. Late applicants, as well as transfer students and students currently enrolled at Carroll, are considered for the program on the basis of available openings.

"The Honors Program has allowed me to meet people who are intellectually engaging..."

— Keeley Hamill '21

Keeley's Honors Program experience

Program Characteristics

  • The honors program offers a fundamentally different approach to teaching, learning and the educational experience.
  • The honors program consists of approximately 100 undergraduate students from across all disciplines.
  • The program emphasizes qualitative challenges, not additional work.
  • The program encourages original and critical thinking and creativity, and fosters individuality and independence.
  • Smaller class sizes are provided, with similarly motivated honor students, allowing for close interaction, discussion, and/or debate between faculty and students.
  • Typically, subject matter is introduced that might not be addressed in other courses; students and faculty examine subjects that are interdisciplinary or controversial.
  • To complete the program successfully, a student must attain an overall grade point average of at least a 3.40 with grades of B or better in each honors course.

Special Features

  • All honors program students are entitled to priority class registration.
  • The program underwrites participants' graduate school application fees for up to $100.
  • The honors program provides free admission to special cultural and social activities on and off campus.
  • Honors students who are selected for the Pioneer Scholars Grant program may receive credit for one of three honors core courses.
  • Any honors student who participates in a semester- or year-long Study Abroad Program may request (prior to travel) honors credit for one liberal arts course completed while studying abroad.
  • All undergraduate diplomas and transcripts indicate honors program graduates.
"Being an honors student gave me an edge when applying to the research program..."

— Chandler McElrath '20

Chandler's Honors Program Experience

Program Details

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