Program Goals | M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies

The Mission of the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies Program is to educate physician assistants to provide comprehensive quality health care to all, respectful of patient/client values, committed to ethical principles and grounded in evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning. Graduates will contribute to the profession and communities and be prepared to practice medicine in a variety of primary care settings under the supervision of physicians. Graduates will also be prepared to provide service to medically underserved communities and diverse patient populations.

Current PA Program Goals

To achieve its mission, the master of science in physician assistant studies program has three goals:

Past, Fulfilled PA Program Goals

Design, implement and evaluate a cultural competence thread in Carroll University's Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies curriculum.

Supported by: ARRA – Training in Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry: Physician Assistant Training in Primary Care. Funded amount $967, 687.00. 2010-2015.

Design, implement and evaluate a culture competence thread in the physician assistant curriculum.

Develop and implement a recruitment plan with the goal of enrolling and retaining two (10%) educationally or economically disadvantaged individuals in each class.

Develop and implement a graduate placement mechanism that will annually place six (30%) of the program's graduates in practice settings that have a portion of their practice serving medically underserved communities (MUC) and individuals or Hispanic communities.

Expand the cultural competence of MSPAS faculty and annually provide cultural competency training to 20% of clinical internship preceptors.

Develop a partnership with the Waukesha Free Clinic

To expand education in cultural competency and teach our students how to provide medical services to the underserved, the goals of this partnership include:

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